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    Sanjana Gujral

    Yes, Versa Cloud ERP supports selling products in KITS/Bundles in Shopify. 

    Versa Cloud supports the usage of a KIT product to bundle multiple products together as a single product for sale. With our Shopify integration, you can sell your kit product online as well. Shopify does not support the concept of a kit so to the visitor of your Shopify store, they are buying a whole product. A kit contains the kit product itself (what you are selling it as) and the items in the kit (kit item products). 

    Since Shopify does not have Kit support, you should create the kit product first in Versa and then either create a new product in Shopify using Versa's publishing capability or have the new product in Versa be linked to an existing product in Shopify.

    You can: 

    1. Create the KIT in Versa

    2. Publish the KIT as a new product in Shopify

    3. Link KIT to an existing product in Shopify

    4. Create new orders with KIT

    5. Create multiple KITS through imports

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